The One Question That You Should Ask Yourself Each Day After You Wake Up….

The One Question That You Should Ask Yourself Each Day After You Wake Up….

Listen, I get it. You wake up, look at the ceiling, roll to the right, and grab your cell phone. At first you grabbed it to turn off your alarm clock, but then you see the little squares of your social media looking at you, and temptation wins again! (MANY many mornings, have gone wasted by what you’re about to do.) First the scrolling starts, then the anxiety comes next. What everyone else is showing on their page is so much better than what you are about to do, and that’s probably get your kids ready for school and then hit the road to work! The WORST thing you can do is start scrolling, because then, you take a deep sigh and wish that you were on somebody’s beautiful beach with a margarita in hand…. or driving down the street in Calabasas living your BEST life. OMG, that girl’s perfectly photoshopped life and her kids are perfectly photoshopped to matched! Then, in a split second, reality kicks in and you just feel a little down. You’re in the bed, about to do the same thing that you do EVERY day; not on a beach, not in the sunshine, just simply going to work. Now, I’m totally guilty of this, and I’m sure you can agree. That’s why it’s so important to start your day with a full cup! I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s not going to get full by putting toxic in your body as the first thing in the morning.

What am I going to INVEST in today? A simple question that your day should always start off with. When you invest in something, that means that you are putting something valuable in, hoping that it would be profitable coming out. I start my day by telling myself that I’m investing in ME today! I can’t be mad if I’m not doing the work to get me where I need to be, and that comes with sacrifice. If your cup is going to be full, we need to make sure that we know what ingredients to fill it up with. Your time and energy are two of your most valuable assets in my eyes. By choosing something that you want to invest in, it brings clarity to your day. You can finally have a goal to attain, and it can clear your brain to focus. It doesn’t have to be what I chose, and that’s the best part! It could be compassion that you invest your day in, or being selfless and making other’s around you happy all day. Try closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and just see where your body takes you. I’m going to break down a few of my favorites that I mentioned already for you. Here we go!


I could be investing my time into social media, or I could be investing it in taking that new yoga class that I’ve been thinking about. I could invest my time in calling my best friend and talking about the latest gossip, OR I could be talking about that new book that I just read?(I mean let’s gossip for like 15 minutes and then namaste, ok deal?) It’s all up to you and how you choose your time. I hear from women all of the time say that they don’t have the time to take care of themselves because of everything going on in their lives. I just seen a woman post in a Facebook group the other day that she has a husband and 3 kids, which all have extracurricular activities, PLUS works a full time job and she doesn’t have any “self-care” time. Some women were commenting stuff like “What’s self-care?” or laughing at her and saying “You gave that up when you got married and had kids!” I thought, how cruel is it to give her no hope. I told her to communicate with her family that she needs a time slot for her “mommy time” and it’s a team effort from everyone to make it happen. No family can run on an empty momma! I remember being in that same boat, taking the kids with me to get my nails done. As I recall, the baby was screaming her head off and people staring at me….NEWSFLASH: It WASN’T a fun OR relaxing time. How could this even be relaxing, I thought? People are staring at me and basically telling my child to shut the hell up with their eyes. I remember after I had my second daughter I needed to pick up an onion from the Publix near by to complete my recipe for dinner. I got in the car, drove to the store, grabbed a cart, and went down EVERY SINGLE AISLE and looked at EVERY SINGLE ITEM. My boyfriend called me and asked,”Is everything ok?” and I nonchalantly responded,”Yea, why? Wassup?” and he said,”Because you went to the store to get an onion and you’ve been gone for almost an hour…” and then it hit me! I just needed to take a BREATH! I needed to dedicate more time for myself, and it had to be put as a priority for my family. I needed to call a family round table and let everyone know how I felt because I was burned out and depressed. I let my 7 year old daughter know that stuff like making her own after school snacks and cleaning up after herself properly would help out a lot, and she agreed. Stuff like when I get my nails done, it’s a two hour process but a two hour process every 3 weeks isn’t a lot to ask for my significant other to watch the kids so I can relax. Stuff like, putting my baby on a sleeping schedule so that every night, I had a peace of mind that I could have “mommy time” after 8:00 p.m.! We have to use our time wisely because once its gone, it’s gone! Time is so tricky because you can easily lose it by chasing other things that don’t even matter, kinda like spending 5 hours a day on social media. Time is the experiences you make for yourself, and your experiences shape your life... -Shana Thomas


What about your energy? When you close your eyes, and feel your body, is it telling you that today you will be around people that you have to protect your energy against? I read something the other day that said when you think, your mind sends out frequencies, and that attracts the same frequencies back. When we give our attention to something, our energy closely follows it’s path, it matches it. If we focus on the negative, we will have negative thoughts but if we focus on the positives, we will have positive thoughts. Now this one is easier said than done(I see you out there giving me the side eye, thinking yea Shana, this all SOUNDS good…). Especially in my case where I’m at a dead end job, that I have absolutely zero passion for. How do I want to go into a place that drains my energy every day? This is where my affirmations journal comes in. I think about all of the positive things that come from my job, and rationalize the reasons why I’m there. It could be me telling myself that I’m grateful to have a job, while there are people out there looking, or it could be that I get free food while I’m there…people love free! Now are those reasons why I should stay at my job? I don’t think so, but that will be up to my actions to leave a place that I truly don’t want to be at. While I’m there, I choose to focus on the positives to make my time go by a lot smoother. In order to invest your energy properly, you gotta learn where not to invest it as well. What are you going to invest your energy in today?

Listen Girl, I Hear Ya…

Sometimes, the answer isn’t what you can do more of, sometimes it’s what can you do less of. I mean come on! We’re so busy trying to do ALL the things, that we forget the bigger picture. Sally Jo might be a size two a week after popping her kid out, and Chrissy might have just been proposed to with a 15 carat diamond ring, but we are over here sorting out our own crap one day at a time, and that deserves recognition as well! I see you trying to find that thing called “balance” but it’s a FALSE FINISH LINE. We’re running so fast to figure out the secret formula, we forget to live life in the process. Let’s stop and smell the flowers right next to our house, let’s let the sun shine down on our bodies before we get on the road to that hour lone commute ride, and let’s choose to invest in ourselves daily.

Tell me what you ladies choose to invest in below!


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