Sara Funk

Sara Funk

I am an immigrant, wife, mother of 3 babes plus a furry one, and an entrepreneur. I am a lover of all things healthy for the body, mind and soul. I only want good things to manifest and I understand fully that it starts with me. Present day aside of being a SAHM, I manage my husband’s law firm Hart David Carson LLP and co-founded a coffee shop called Mud and Char when I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd babe. Ambition is my unofficial middle name, but I am also known as “Badass.” My new favorite phrase is “I can” vs “I can’t” because I fully understand that I have the drive to accomplish as much as I can in one day vs one lifetime while still staying present in the moment. My new-found passion and mission, aside of supporting my husband and raising my children, is to change up the Food Industry and support other women in their ventures. When you know, you can, you will!

On episode 19 of LIFL we have Sara Funk. Sara tells us her story of never giving up, and puts a spin on the typical Stay at Home Mom owning coffee and tea shop called Mud and Char. She pushes everyone around her to become their best selves, and to be honest, she’s even pushed me! Sara quickly learned that being told that she “can’t” do something, gives her the fuel she needs to do it.

“I’m going to choose wisely, I’m going to know better, I’m going to do better…”-Sara Funk

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