Rebecca Dotson of 818 ministries

Rebecca Dotson of 818 ministries

Rebecca Dotson is a millennial entrepreneur, bucket-list enthusiast, and equally a cheesecake lover and three-time full marathoner. She lives in Knoxville, TN where she’s the Executive Director of 818 Ministries – an organization dedicated to donating hats and handwritten letters of encouragement to patients fighting serious illnesses. 

During a mountaintop season of graduating from college and starting her first “big girl job”, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 18, 2014. In the year that followed this gut-wrenching diagnosis, she encountered my “why” after a phone call with her when she told me about a lady she met at chemotherapy. She was alone, very sick, had lost her hair and didn’t have a hat on. This conversation led to a burden, the kind you can’t shake, and a few months later she launched 818 Ministries. Their Impact Squad travels around the country to find creative ways to connect with and encourage patients walking a tough journey as they hand deliver hats to them.

My life mission statement is to leave people better than I found them and knowing Jesus more fully than when they met me.

On episode nine we speak to Rebecca Dotson of 818 ministries. Rebecca is a light in her own way, and gives cancer patients hope, that there is power in smiling with a heartfelt note, or even having someone dress up as Elsa from the organization. We talk about how it feels to get your first win, and how important it is to have a sisterhood to lean on. If this episode touches your heart, please get with Rebecca on how you can give to someone who needs a smile and a little sprinkle of Jesus.

“I see life differently, then I did beforehand….I could choose to dwell on it, and be negative on what we experienced, and it was really hard!”- Rebecca Dotson 


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