New Year New Me?

New Year New Me?

I was at work on NYE, and I thought it was the worst thing in the world….until I started getting sick. My throat started to hurt, my head started to pound, but God forbid I tell my mangers that I needed to leave because I was getting sick. I thought to myself , they will be thinking I slipped a party dress on for a night on the town, instead of me gulping cold meds and getting snuggled in my pjs before the clock strikes 12. Around 8:30pm, my voice was extremely small, which is totally not a good thing for a bartender! Needless to say my managers saw that I had come down with something, and let me leave work.

I had it all in my head that 2019 would be MY year, I just launched my podcast in September, I’m taking marketing classes, getting better on the “Gram” (Instagram for all those not in the know), and life was going to be fantastic for me! That is until I was in the bed from the 1st until the 3rd eating homemade Mexican Chicken Soup(thanks Babe) and drinking Hot Totties(thanks again babe). Talk about a way to start the year! Was this going to be like this the rest of the year? I refused!

I had a lot of time just laying around the house and dealing with my kids for the last few days of Winter break, oh joy, a sick momma! I kept seeing the New Year saying,”New Year New Me” and thought to myself, why do we always start the year off with that same saying and then no changes happen. Do we really not like that much of ourselves that we have to restart and recharge EVERY year? And if that’s the case why do we have to wait for a whole new year instead of making that immediate change? The old you is the more experienced you after all isn’t it? The old you is the strong you, isn’t it? I’m paying for a gym membership all year long and not going, but does that really require for me to wait until January 1st to change that?

I want to focus on being the REAL you, the STRONG you, the AMBITIOUS you, the HEALTHY you, and the PRESENT you! New isn’t always good, and old isn’t always bad…lets start this year off with taking care of yourself first and foremost, but that includes your own happiness in the starting lineup! My household was turned upside down when momma was sick, imagine how healthy and beautiful your bubble will be when your the happiest version of you. Screw the “New You” and just focus on those lessons of last year making you stronger, happier, and ready to dominate 2019! What’s something that you want to keep up in the New Year? Until next time….Xx

P.S. The recipes that we used for my soup and hot hottie are below….and yes momma pretended to be sick an extra day to get the pampering…(don’t judge me! lol)


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