Life After 30…

Life After 30…

I can admit, I have always been the type of person who wants to celebrate my birthday, and most times, in a big way. This year was different, I chose to have a nice intimate birthday with my immediate family, and it was so relaxing! When I got back to work that following week, my co-workers kept asking me excitedly, “What did you do for your birthday???” and I responded, “Went out to dinner with my family…” and of course that left blank stares. I guess they were expecting so club outing with friends, some trip out of the country, or some type of lavish brunch, like in the past. I posted a picture on my Instagram of my mom, and my oldest daughter, and myself. That picture, and that table spoke volumes to me that no amount of trips, club outings, or brunches could ever do for me.

I was bringing in my 32nd birthday by breaking bread with my mother who speaks life into me with every part of her body. The same woman who birthed me, and was there for me through everything I got right in life so far and everything I got WRONG. The same woman who supports me by downloading every single podcast episode and reading every blog post that I write. The same woman that has stayed up late nights, praying that I finally would see the wings that God gave me when I was born. The same woman who showed me tough love growing up so that I would be prepared for the moment she leaves Earth and know that her daughter can stand on her own two feet.

On my other side of me I had my beautiful teenage daughter. The same daughter who gave that scared 18 year old girl a chance to have someone love her through faults and all. The same little girl who would wipe my tears and tell me, “Mommy, it’s ok.” The same little girl who didn’t make a fuss when I couldn’t give her the newest of the new. The same little girl who sees through me even when I’m telling her I had a good day, but she can sense that something is wrong. The same little girl who gave me a break from her little sister so I could study for classes. The same little girl who has watched me grow from that naive 18 year old girl, into a fantastic mother at 32 that she could be proud of.

My mother and daughter are in my heart and at opposite ends of my spectrum. The sat with me that night and laughed, ate, and shared a moment in my life, when I finally feel peace. I’m so grateful for everything that I’ve been blessed with, and I can’t wait for many many MANY more years to come!


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