Lacresia Williams

Lacresia Williams

Lacresia Williams aka Cree is 29 years old, and will soon be releasing her book by Spring of next year called Before 30: The Untold Truth. She’s a mother of two, and through her journey, she wants to inspire her children, as well as others, with her story. Lacresia went from being an exotic dancer, being in a 3-way relationship with a husband and wife that ended in suicide and death, to gaining the strength to change her lifestyle and get on a straight path. In the end, she’s gained a great relationship with God, obtained her Master’s degree and a career. Her book is her gift to give back to others by reaching many young women that feel like they may be failing in life, and to be an example. She currently does multiple women talk sessions for therapy, and will soon be doing motivational speeches.

On Episode 12 we have Lacresia Williams with an AMAZING story! She’s inspired me, her story of not letting life get you down has resonated with me, and I’m hoping that others will hear her story, and know that they can’t let this thing called life get to them. Her story literally has me on the edge of my seat the entire time with the twists and turns, but I’ll tell you a secret, she lands on top!


“We just never know who we’re reaching, and that’s what I always said my purpose was….”-Lacresia Williams 

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