Kayla Bell

Kayla Bell

New Orleans bred, LA-based stylist, swimwear designer, and entrepreneur Kayla Bell has built a strong reputation for working with some of the top names in the industry while working as a lead stylist for various editorial shoots, music videos and live performances.

Though she has been a stylist for almost a decade, Kayla has accomplished many of her goals at a young age and continues to grow her portfolio.

Aside from styling, she recently crossed over into the film and television industries working as a costume design production assistant for projects such as: The Mayor, BET’s The Bobby Brown Story and a few other films and shorts that were unreleased. With a

degree in Visual Merchandising, Kayla has worked for major brands and now serves as the founder and creative director for her own sustainable swimwear brand, Arrow + Phoenix Swimwear.

Kayla continues to build a diverse portfolio and, aside from her work, enjoys gaining creative inspiration from traveling, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

On episode of 25 of L is for Lily we speak to Kayla Bell. Kayla is a multifaceted entrepreneur in swimsuit designs. Kayla reminds us what it’s like to defeat the odds by never losing site of what her big goal is despite what life throws at her. Arrow + Phoenix Swimwear was just worn by U.S. soccer player Crystal Dunn in the 2019 Sports illustrator. Talk about your dreams coming to reality.

It comes back to faith, because there’s always a way that things end up working out….” –Kayla Bell


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