Kathie Vandermeer

Kathie Vandermeer

After battling Postpartum Depression and Anxiety after both of her babies, Kathie has made it her mission to share her story and empower countless women. Through her affordable and effective fitness solutions, Kathie is revolutionizing the way we move our bodies. She learned to take control of her mindset and now coaches other women to take control of theirs and step into the lives they were meant to live



On episode 22 of L is for Lily we speak to Kathie Vandermeer. Kathie wasn’t going to let being postpartum get the best of her. She became a personal trainer, started to work on her negative mindset, and started to help other women along her way. Listen to how she feels as if we always have to have it “together” and sometimes we have to just “give ourselves permission” to go seek help.

“The first step is identifying what you’re in fear of, and then being ok with what other people think…”-Kathy Vandermeer



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