Jillian Parekh of Northern Resolutions

Jillian Parekh of Northern Resolutions
Jillian Parekh is a Confidence & Productivity Coach for her company, Northern Resolutions. With a Master’s in Conflict Analysis & Management under her belt, Jillian coaches’ women on understanding their thoughts and emotions to better inform their relationships and build their confidence, all while kicking ass and being productive in achieving their goals. Her “From Procrastination to Productivity” program helps women become high performers in their lives with a flawless formula that cuts the BS and gets results.


On episode seven of L is for Lily we are joined by Jillian Parekh of Northern Resolutions. Jillian tells us how she took her speech disability and social anxiety, and turned it into power for her to push forward! From how she loves helping others build confidence, to how she started her own podcast show, this girl is a gem!


“Yea! I can do it…and I’m going to do it today!”-Jillian Parekh



You can listen to Jillian on “The Growth Sequence Podcast” found on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud!


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