Jessie Ford Coots

Jessie Ford Coots

Jessie Ford Coots is the owner and designer behind Untethered, a boutique branding + design studio that focuses on working with primarily female entrepreneurs. She’s also a monthly “go-to” designer for female-driven brands in need of ongoing design + creative support. When she isn’t designing, she’s traveling around the U.S. showing her quarter horse in barrel racing events, loving on her Australian Shepherd and visiting friends and family. Originally an Ohio native, she and her husband live in southern Indiana, right outside of Louisville, Kentucky.

On episode 24 of L is for Lily we have Jessie Ford Coots. What an amazing battle Jessie had to fight to be here today. Her gratitude towards life starts back from when she’s 16 and found out that her spine was shaped like an S. Let’s listen in on how Jessie fights forward, and still gets to do ALL the things, while finding out what she’s truly passionate about.


“I always tell myself, girl you have been through much worse than this, you will get through it!”-Jessie Ford Coots


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