Heidi Fischer

Heidi Fischer

Heidi Fischer is a mom to two little girls, married to the love of her life, devoted to Jesus, metwork marketing professional, and suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia, otherwise known as the suicide disease. She is a former teacher who is committed to finding the positive in every situation in life and turning her mess into her message. She hails from Wisconsin and is earning a 6-figure income in the network marketing industry and has a dream to empower more women and help them find their greatness within themselves, despite what life throws at them.

On episode 13 we talk to Heidi Fischer, and I think Heidi is a complete warrior! Her fight for life brings real tears, and the dedication to her purpose is as real as it gets. Her story empowers me, and her heart to help others feel amazing is contagious.


“Just as women, we want to feel like we have it all together, but none of us do….”-Heidi Fischer

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