Dr.Erin Jacobs of Drs.Pernell & Jacobs

Dr.Erin Jacobs of Drs.Pernell & Jacobs
Dr. Erin Jacobs attended Logan College of Chiropractic where she studied Human Biology and Chiropractic. After graduating in 2006, she returned to school two years later to finish her Master’s in Sports Science and Rehabilitation in 2010. She also received her Master’s in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction from New York Chiropractic College. Erin has three beautiful daughters: Maggie, Abbie and Lydia. She is also a member of College Drive Seventh Day Adventist Church with her husband, Randy. On weekday mornings, you can find her running around the neighborhood or teaching a Barre during the evenings.


On episode six of L is for Lily we are joined by Dr. Erin Jacobs of Drs.Pernall & Jacobs. Erin speaks up about how hard it is to balance being a mom of three (one being highly autistic), being a business owner and all while she home schools her daughters. Erin tells us how she focuses on her goals while battling a bad relationship, finding love again, and how she values her support system. She also gives out journal advice to get us back to the basics of loving yourself!


“If you can change your perspective, it changes everything…”-Dr.Erin Jacobs

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