Dr. April Moreno

Dr. April Moreno

Dr. April Moreno is an autoimmune life coach for women. Her coaching involves integrative wellness in all aspects of life. She has a doctorate in health promotion sciences and is based in Southern California. While she was in her last year of studies, she experienced autoimmune symptoms and a life-changing diagnosis. After graduation, she began autoimmune life coaching to help women transcend their health conditions. Her practices involve mindful wellness coaching for women to gain control over their mind, body, and environment. Dr. April enjoys writing, researching, and spending time with her giant schnauzer.

On Episode 18 we have Dr. April Moreno who is an autoimmune life coach for women. Listen to how scary it was for April to find out that she had an autoimmune condition, and how she turned it around to help women every day.

“I need to share this story, I need to help other women that are going through similar circumstances…”- Dr.April Moreno


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