Denise Karis

Denise Karis

My name is Denise Karis and I’m a wedding photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. After nine years of slowly growing my business, I was able to leave my 9-5 to pursue photography full time and have been grateful for every minute since! You can find me on IG @denisekaris and see my new YouTube project at EngagedinAZ.Com!

On Episde 20 of L is for Lily we get the pleasure of speaking with the brilliant photographer, Denise Karis. This conversation really resonated with me, and I felt as if Denise was giving me my own motivational speech to get ready to ditch my own 9-5! Listen to how Denise goes through all of the feels in her own pursuit to happiness.

“Don’t give up nine years…I gave up so many years…”– Denise Karis


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