Cassidy Elizabeth

Cassidy Elizabeth

Cassidy Kotyla, also known as Cassidy Elizabeth, is a concert and portrait photographer based out of Connecticut. Originally attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Cassidy studied Journalism and Communications with the hopes of becoming an international journalist. It wasn’t until after attending a music festival for the first time in 2017, her life changed forever. As a 21-year-old full time photographer, she discusses the trials and tribulations of finding yourself during college, the importance of mental health, and how your misfortunes can turn into the drive to create something amazing.

On episode 23 of L is for Lily we speak to Cassidy Elizabeth who is a concert and portrait photographer who dives deep for us and tells us how she kept motivated after her father’s passing. She’s young, but she learned at a young age that you gotta keep pushing after life’s trials and tribulations.

“I went five times harder in life…”-Cassidy Elizabeth


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