Banu Sekendur

Banu Sekendur

Banu Sekendur, MA is an intuitive relationship coach and an energy healer. She left Seattle and moved to Hawai’i to start a new life after a near-death break-up and became the coach she needed when she was going through hell. Her passion is finding and cultivating what makes people light up as well as removing energetic, emotional, and mental splinters that create blocks to it.

On episode 17 we talk to Banu Sekendur and things get deep. I love her full heart, her teachings on self-love, and trying to find your inner peace. We are going on a live journey of loving, feeling like your life will end, and bringing yourself back to living. Everything happens for a reason, and trying to ask, “Why me?” sometimes doesn’t come with an answer.


“You’re going to get shaken up, and when you do, it’s horrific, it’s scary, and it’s a complete loss of control, but then there’s the freedom of a blank slate”-Banu Sekendur

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  1. Tina coleman
    March 10, 2019 / 3:20 pm

    As a Mother you always want your children to thrive. To find something they are passionate about and go for it. To say that I am proud is an understatement of what Shana Has accomplished in this beautiful tribe of sisters. To have found her voice and to use it to lift up ,encourage, and motivate other women through this thing called life. To say to each other yeah we’re gonna mess up, most likely make some bad choices, but let’s be here for each other. Let’s help pick up the pieces and show our sisters another way, and hold them accountable along the way. My prayer is every one of you get inspired to find your own voices and collectively those voices will make this world a kinder and gentler place.