Andrea Rosas of Essential Sukha

Andrea Rosas of Essential Sukha
Andrea Rosas is a 26-year-old Mexican-American that currently lives in Guadalajara, Mexico with her husband. Her experience with radical life changes, such as leaving med school for the fashion industry, have led her to find her true purpose on Earth. Andrea now leads others to “sukha” (happiness and bliss). Now, alongside her career in fashion, she has started Essential Sukha to help guide others into this blissful lifestyle. As well as her MLM business, she hopes to empower women to achieve their ultimate greatness, simply to just be happy.


On episode five of L is for Lily we speak to Andrea Rosas, of Essential Sukha, on what it’s like to try to live out your family’s dreams instead of striving for your own happiness. Andrea tells us how she thought that her gift to the world was being a doctor, but it turned out to be teaching other women mindfulness. She also speaks about how she learned the Samurai Game, how her husband is her biggest supporter, and how everyone secretly knows what they need to change in order to be happy!


“You have to live your life for yourself, and stop thinking about everybody else…”-Andrea Rosas

Listen to Andrea here!


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